Henry Glover


Born 1997 in Oxford, England. Lives and works in London.


Henry Glover is a London-based painter and ceramicist who won the Saatchi Art 'Rising Star' award in 2020, naming him as one of the top 35 artists around the world under 35 years old.


In his works, Glover tends to focus on the interplay between the physical sensations of his materials and the raw emotions experienced in his own life and close relationships. The embrace is a recurring motif embodied in many forms in his work while currently, he is concerned with common feelings of introspection as experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic that proved to catalyse the effects of rumination and loneliness.


In his paintings he creates snapshots of memories and quiet, unsaid moments which are often framed with phrases and lyrics. As a natural progression in his painting practice, Glover currently creates lonely, desolate landscapes that lack figures. These imaginary and dreamlike environments, reveal one's aspirations, desires, and fears and could be said to reflect the vast span of aspects that comprise our private selves. Ultimately his work is diaristic, and acts as a cathartic release through the discovery of classic and banal themes that can be shared with others.


Henry Glover obtained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art: Painting from Wimbledon College of Arts, London in 2020 and since then he has been actively exhibiting his work. Recent solo and group exhibitions include:  Take Me Somewhere Nice, Liliya Art Gallery, London (solo show, 2021); When Snowdrops Rise, MAPA Fine Art, London (2021); Nemesis, Asylum Chapel, London (2020); Penultimatum, Copeland Gallery, London (2020). Glover's works are held in private collections across the world, ranging from America to Europe and South Korea.