Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu


Born 1997 in Kano, Nigeria. Lives and works in Abuja, Nigeria

Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu is a self-taught artist and since 2017 has ventured into art professionally. The artist attempts to express an ideal representation of life related to human relationships, as well as the relationship between nature and humans. Agudiegwu cherishes life, friendship and love through expressive figurative paintings, plentiful of a vibrant colour palette and materials such acrylic, oil paint, charcoal, graphite, ink, pastel, salt and even candle flames soot.


While attempting to bring feelings of joy to the viewer, the artist also attempts to encourage reflection and adjust conversations with regards to certain challenging issues such as black inferiority complex, gender equality and racism.


Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu received a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Imo, Nigeria. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Exhibition for contemporary artists national gallery of art, Enugu, Nigeria  (2019); the Vivid Exhibition (2020), the Varese Design Week virtual exhibition, Collect Call Diaspora Exhibition, Forme Femine Gallery; Awakening group exhibition, Noho studios, London (2021); Obsidian Group Exhibition, Copeland Gallery, London.