• Our Founder and Director, My vision is to strengthen the voice of engaged contemporary artists and allow art lovers acquire...

    Our Founder and Director

    My vision is to strengthen the voice of engaged contemporary artists and allow art lovers acquire artworks that will stay with them for a lifetime


    The gallery is founded by Riana Raouna who is a Contemporary Art Specialist, Curator and Art Writer. Riana is a holder of an MA in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art in London where she graduated with a Distinction. She also holds an MBA in Marketing Management from the University of Exeter and has a professional history of more than twenty years in branding and marketing communications.


    Riana is dedicated to supporting the work of emerging and mid-career artists. By travelling throughout the world, she comes across some of the most fascinating artists and exhibitions that fascilitate her to stay ahead of the contemporary art scene and identify strong and impactful contemporary art. Through her trained eye and continuous research, she personally chooses the gallery's featured artists based on the aesthetic appeal of their work, as well as their potential of becoming the next big names in the artworld. 



    Riana Raouna is a contemporary art gallery, featuring some of the most exciting emerging and mid-career artists from the international art scene. We are committed to the celebration of the vitality and evolving nature of art today. We act as an internationally oriented contemporary art gallery where, plurality of voices can be heard, and visually arresting artworks are presented. 
    Featured artists are selected based on elaborate research to show works that are not just aesthetically appealing, but also explore narratives related to contemporary life and human emotions. Most of the featured artists are award-winning graduates from world-class art schools, while the choice of artists is also extended to those talents whose work is particularly impactful in its own right. 
    We provide advice based on Art Market expertise and aim at building long-term relationships based on transparency, and trust. New collectors are introduced to the fascinating world of contemporary art with works that best represent their personal taste, while experienced collectors are given the opportunity to discover new artists and enrich their current collection with works whose value is expected to rise both aesthetically and financially.
    By operating online, our customers can acquire highly desirable works without any barriers related to geographic location. We ship internationally and deliver the works to the buyer's door.