Eugenia Cuellar


Bon in A Coruña, Spain. Lives and works between Madrid and Galicia, Spain.

From major political problems to basic human needs and fears, Eugenia Cuellar paintings are basically focused on women and the challenges they have to face in a contemporary world. Women interacting with men and women, in different spaces and situations, in Marc Augé non-places, etc., subjected to other people and rules, to customs and social standards.


So, her work can oscillate from painful or abusive situations to idyllic ones that make up a kind of parallel world that surround us. Exotic landscapes, interiors, portraits conform this secondary world. A world of beauty and pleasure that create a new unreachable standard, an unavoidable mirror in which to look oneself at.


Eugenia Cuellar studied Fine Art and Law at Complutense University and UDC- Santiago University (Spain). She has a MFA in Research in Art and Creation (2017, Complutense University) and is currently studying at Turps Art School (CC, 2022/2017).


She has had both solo and a number of group exhibitions in UK, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Japan. Recent group shows include, among others: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 22 to be held at Hull, Humber Street Gallery & Ferens Art Gallery and South London Gallery ; Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 22. London; MOSTYN Open 21; Royal West Academy 168th Annual Open Exhibition, Bristol ; Wells Art Contemporary 21-20; Cambridge Summer Open at the Alson Richard Building; Repurpose Reverse, Studio 1.1, London (2019); Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture, Open Exhibition of Art (2018).

  • Eugenia Cuellar, Bright Star, 2022
    Eugenia Cuellar
    Bright Star, 2022
    Oil on linen
    146 x 114 cm
    57 1/2 x 44 7/8 in
  • Eugenia Cuellar, August Night, 2021
    Eugenia Cuellar
    August Night, 2021
    Oil on Belgian linen
    180 x 180 cm
    70 7/8 x 70 7/8 in
  • Eugenia Cuellar, Cocktail Hour, 2020-2021
    Eugenia Cuellar
    Cocktail Hour, 2020-2021
    Oil on Belgian linen
    195 x 150 cm
    76 3/4 x 59 in
  • Eugenia Cuellar, The Bather , 2020
    Eugenia Cuellar
    The Bather , 2020
    Oil on linen
    55 x 46 cm
    21 5/8 x 18 1/8 in