Marina Olympios


Born 1968 in Cyprus. Lives and works in Cyprus

Marina Olympios' work explores the energy of the cosmos as expressed through the four elements of life: earth, water, fire and air. The materiality of paint is deeply rooted in her abstract paintings, since the artist uses mineral colours that she personally gathers from the rich geological soils of Cyprus. Through this primitive act, Olympios literally seeks to reflect the pure flow of life on the canvas.


Through many layers of mineral colours, the surface of the work encourages curiosity towards the true formation of the cosmos. Shades of terra verde and azurites, rich sienna, ochres and chalcanthites highlight a sense of respect towards the materials themselves and highlight the need to return to a "lost paradise".


Olympios' work never reaches completion, while the fluidity and rhythm of her paintings express a never-ending pursuit of emotional and intellectual stimulation. Central to the artist's philosophy is the philosophical doctrine of Heraclitus based on which, the only constant in life is change.


Marina Olympios graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux - Arts of Paris (avec les félicitations du jury). With more than twenty-one solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, selected exhibitions include: L'Art est Justice, Centre Georges Pombidou, Paris (1992); Medals of Honour, Galerie OZ, Paris (1994); The Travesty of Art, Ileana Tounta, Contemporary Art Center, Athens (1995); Let Me Be Your Guide,  Galerie Renos Xippas, Paris 1995); Day 3 Blue Pigs, Lehman Maupin Gallery, New York (1998).


Works of Art of Olympios belong to the following collections, among others: Dakis Ioannou collection, Athens; Daskalopoulos Collection, Los Angeles; Pierre Nouvion, Monaco;  Marzio Carver, Monaco.

Marina Olympios is the author of a number of books, including: L' Art est Justice, Centre Georges Pompidou and editions DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art;
Europa a Story of Art, the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation and DESTE; Le Manifeste d'une Femme au Monde, University of Cyprus.