Privacy Policy



1. About this Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of Riana Raouna Gallery & Art Advisors Ltd, a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Cyprus with Registration Number HE 423381 and registered office address at 16 Dedalou Street, Chapo Gardens, Suite 502, 1085 Nicosia, Cyprus (the "Gallery", "we", "our").


2. How to contact us

To contact us, please email us at


3. The types of data we collect from you

The personal data and information we collect from you and process when you make an inquiry or buy artworks from our website consists of the following:

Information about the Buyer :

  • The Buyer's name
  • Email address, phone number (optional) 
  • Address for delivery of any works of art purchased

Information relating to the Buyer's enquiries and orders:

  • The Buyer's purchase transactions
  • The Buyer's purchase orders
  • The Buyer's payment information and payment history
  • Order delivery, fulfilment and returns information
  • Any other information the Buyer includes in forms completed on our the website.

The Buyer's activity on our Website:

  • The Buyer's history of artworks viewed and/ or purchased from our website
  • Any other content that the Buyer supplies

Administration Information

  • Communications between the Seller and the Buyer, including queries, problems, support via e-mails, web-forms, and telephone.

Technical information when the Buyer visits our website

  • Web browser information including the Buyer's browser brand (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  • Operating system (e.g. Microsoft Windows, OSX, Android)
  • IP address (a unique identifier allocated to the Buyer's computer for their connection to the internet).
  • Information related to the Buyer's use of our website, including where the Buyer  visited our website from, and what pages they visit on our website.


4. How we obtain the Buyer's data

We obtain the Buyer's data through a variety of means, including:

Forms the Buyer fills-in / data the Buyer provides:
• From forms which the Buyer completes and submits on our website
• From printed forms which the Buyer obtains from our website or us
• Data we collect face-to-face, or by means of e-mail or telephone

b. Other information the Buyer supplies
• From the data, information and images the Buyer posts, uploads or otherwise provides to our website.
• From any other information the Buyer supplies from time to time, including through telephone calls, emails and other communications between the Buyer  and us.
• From any information supplied by other users of our site and other customers.

c. Generated Information
• From information generated by us as a result of dealings, transactions and communications with the Buyer, including supplying any goods or services to the Buyer, providing the functionality of our website and dealing with queries, support requests and complaints.

d. Technical Information
• From information which is automatically supplied by the Buyer's web-browser when they visit our website.
• From information recorded by our server when the Buyer views any page on our website.


5. Our use of the Buyer's data

We use the Buyer's data for the following operational purposes:

a. Operate and improve our website
• To provide our website and its features and functionality.
• To analyse the performance of and improve our website.
• To keep the Buyer informed with status or other administrative notices.

b. Supply of goods and services
• To perform each order from the Buyer for the supply of goods and services.
• To collect payments due from the Buyer.

c. General administration
• To monitor our staff.
• To communicate with the Buyer for administrative and support purposes.
• To manage complaints, disputes and claims.
• To enforce our contracts and terms and bring claims.

d. Marketing e-mails and communications
We will also use the Buyer's data to send them marketing materials and newsletters relating to our website, products, services and events, but only where the Buyer has consented to this and has not withdrawn their consent.


6. Possible disclosure of the Buyer's data

a. Our contractors and suppliers

Where the Gallery uses third parties to provide or supply any part of our website or any goods, services, events, insurance or other things, or to enforce or administer any contracts or terms of sale, then the Gallery may disclose the Buyer's personal data to them as reasonably required for those purposes, including to the artists who create the purchased work, delivery agents, payment processors, and insurers.

The Buyer's data may be held by such third parties as data processors on our behalf, in which case the Gallery will remain the data controller, and the Buyer's data will only be held and used by them on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions and this Privacy Notice. The Buyer's data will also only be held by such third parties for as long as it is required to provide their services.

b. Legal requirements
The Gallery may supply the Buyer's data to a government authority where required to comply with a legal requirement, for the administration of justice, or where reasonably required to protect the Buyer's vital interests.  

c. Claims handling
The Gallery may disclose the Buyer's identity to any third party who is making any claim against the Seller, or where it is necessary for the Gallery to exercise, establish or defend its legal rights.


 7. Place of Processing

The Gallery and their contractors and suppliers normally store and process the Buyer's data in Cyprus. However, the Gallery and our contractors and suppliers may from time to time store and process the Buyer's data elsewhere, including outside Cyprus or the European Economic Area. This may be because our contractor or supplier who carries out any order fulfilment or payment processing, for instance, may be based elsewhere.

If the Buyer's data is to be stored or processed outside the European Economic Area, the Gallery will ensure that, either an appropriate level of data protection exists (i.e. through an adequacy decision of the European Commission or by using the Standard Contractual Clauses for data transfers between EU and non-EU countries adopted by the European Commission) and generally comply with, and take all reasonable steps to ensure our contractors and suppliers comply with their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation and applicable national laws.


8. Retention Period

In accordance with the Gallery's policy, your data is kept only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes stated in paragraph 5 above, or - in the case of consent - until you withdraw your consent. In addition, we retain your personal data for as long as necessary to comply with tax laws, to exercise our legal rights and generally to pursue our legal interests.

After this period, your personal data will be irreparably destroyed. Any data kept by us for marketing and information purposes will be retained until you inform us that you no longer wish to receive such information.


9. The Buyer's rights

Subject to certain limitations under the General Data Protection Regulation, the Buyer has the right to: 

  • request from us access to, and rectification or erasure of, personal data 
  • request that the Gallery restricts processing concerning the Buyer  
  • object to our processing of the data 
  • data portability, where applicable 

The Buyer also has the right to complain to the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection about the manner in which, or otherwise, the Gallery processes the Buyer's personal data.

If the Buyer would like to exercise one of the rights set out above, please contact us via email at


10. Third-Party websites

Links to third-party websites may appear on our website. Such third-party websites are not our responsibility, the Gallery does not endorse them and the Buyer visits and uses them at their own risk. If the Buyer supplies any data to them, the Buyer should read their own privacy notice.


11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Gallery may at any time change this Privacy Notice by publishing a new version on the website