Under the Same Sky

30 March - 20 April 2022

"Under the Same Sky" is the first exhibition of RIANA RAOUNA Gallery www.rianaraouna.com that takes place at a physical space and presents works by ten of the gallery's featured artists and one guest artist. 


The participating artists are: Botond Gagyi (Romania), Besher Koushaji (Syria), Ebuka P. Agudiegwu (Nigeria), Henry Glover (UK), Jeehye Song (Germany), K Blick (South Korea), Lara Rottinghaus (Germany), Matete Martini (Italy), Marina Olympios (Cyprus), Mia Takemoto (Scotland), and Werner Widmer (Switzerland).


The exhibition attempts to explore the idea of nostalgia either as a pure psychological state or as remembrance of past landscapes and events. Through twenty figurative and abstract paintings and three sculptural works, nostalgia is expressed through realistic representations of the figure and the landscape, as well as through more abstract and decomposing images.


"Under the Same Sky" invites the viewer to relate to the works and reflect upon the true essence of nostalgia. This is based on the sociological idea that, nostalgia is not just a passive longing of the past; rather, it serves as a dynamic vehicle for re-evaluating the present and re-envisioning the future.


While each of the exhibited works is built around existing pillars of painting and sculpture, each artist adopts their unique artistic language which is representative of the new wave of artistic voices in Contemporary Art.


Exhibition curated by Riana Raouna.


Opening: Wednesday, 30 March, 6 - 9 pm

Duration: 31 March - 20 April 2022, Monday-Saturday, 11 - 8 pm, Sunday upon appointment

Address: A+ Mutipurpose Event Space, 266 Ermou Street, 1017 Nicosia, Cyprus.