PARADISO : A solo exhibition of Eugenia Cuellar

11 April - 20 May 2023

The exhibition "Paradiso" presents paintings by Eugenia Cuellar which consist of idealized landscapes within luxurious resort settings and lush plantations.  Through loose brushstrokes and the abundance of green, blue, yellow and pink tones drawn from nature, these lyrical paintings immerse the viewer in the sensations of escapism and encourage a deep dive into fantasy.


For the creation of these works, which took place between 2019 and 2022, Cuellar distilled impressions observed or remembered, using a colour palette drawn from nature. As the artist explains, "Many of the paintings began during the pandemic, when we all searched for a way of escape from the limited space we’ve been confined to. So, we have turned our eyes to landscape, resorts, ordinary non- places that are profusely replicated everywhere. There's no geographical identity in the images. Made from collages, mass media imagery and memory, the spaces created ,make up a kind of parallel world of beauty which holds a mirror to oneself." 


While Cuellar's artistic language is pleasant to the eyes, her canvases are not just about that. Rather, they are infused with a certain mood that can be experienced differently by each viewer. This is based on Michel Foucault's doctrine of "le regard" or the gaze as introduced in his book The Birth of the Clinic (1963)". According to Foucault, the experience of viewing is not only defined by what is seen at an optical level but also, by the viewer's perception and understanding. This allows a freedom to experience the artworks in our unique, personal manner and ultimately, better understand ourselves.

  • Bright Star,
    Bright Star,

    Oil on linen, 2022, 146 x 114 cm


  • Cocktail Hour,
    Cocktail Hour,

    2020-2021, Oil on Belgian linen

    195 x 150 cm
  • Dead Calm,
    Dead Calm,

    Oil on linen, 2021, 150 x 195 cm



  • August Night,
    August Night,

    Oil on Belgian linen, 2021, 180 x 180 cm


  • Utopia,

    Oil on linen, 2019, 140 x 180 cm